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Fairygate in Bloom 01 by KittenDiotima Fairygate in Bloom 01 by KittenDiotima
I'm making several versions of this, and have posted one as a WIP in my scraps, and posted others on my Tumblr. These works are all special to me, and have this amazing magical feeling that i really wanted, like, in this Fairyland all is blooming, the magic of the seedling has become the magic of the sprout, which has become the magic of the bud, which has become the magic of the bloom, and we go full circle as the bloom becomes the magic of the seed again. The blooming time is a time of great beauty, a time of wealth and abundance, but also, it is the last surging outburst of Life before the time of death, the time of harvest, the time of sowing, the time of hibernation. Humans created lightbulbs of course, but how like nature they are - they start dark, are brought to light, shine for a time, then burn their brightest before going dark again. Maiden, Mother, Crone, while we put flowers in the hair of our maidens, the flower is actually the domain of the Mother, the harbinger of the Crone. In this blooming fairy land, the Fae are at their busiest, for, being Spirits of Nature, as Nature blooms there is a great deal of work to do. But, even so, the fairies are hospitable, there's a trail of glittering pink fairy dust on the path to the glowing fairygate. The blooming, overhanging flowers hang to the left and the right of the gate, but there is still room for you to walk between them, there is room for your tall head under the trellis. The question is, will you follow the pink glitter to a magic realm of blooming, a realm of hard working fairies, a realm so beautiful your eyes will be dazzled by the flowers, with colors that vibrate, and sing. Beyond the Fairygate is a home, a harbor, to fortify yourself with the magic and beauty and energy of the blooms, and the food the blooms bring. There is such amazing energy in the blooming, the flowers have such power, and that energy can fortify us. So, you can go into the Fairyland beyond the Blooming Fairygate, and be fortified before the battles to come, the darkness of Autumn, the cold of Winter, because the time of Blooming is the time to harbor and replenish your energy for when life is a battle. For those times when you have to fight for something you believe in, or fight for your health, or fight for your emotional stability, or fight for your sanity, you can travel down the pink, sparkling, glittering path, and feel the energy of the blooming, the energy of growth, the energy of the Earth Mother, who is radiant, and rosy, and ready to provide you with the food you need.

I believe in fairies, and i believe they are guiding me and helping me in this very trying period of my life, and so i want to honor them, and thank them, so these works of art are for them. They are sacred works. I don't always hear, or even listen to when i do hear, my Fairy Protectors, but for some reason they never give up on me, so i know that means i should never give up on myself, even tho it's so hard sometimes. But, if i stop, and listen, i know they are there, i just need to sort out my own hopes/dreams/fears/prejudices from what the Fairies are really saying to me. I hope those of you who believe things diff than me can still appreciate the beauty of the art. But, i just wanted ppl to know these are in gratitude for my Fairy Protectors who watch over me.

I created this artwork from a photograph that i manipulated in Adobe Lightroom over and over again. I literally made dozens of versions.  This is the one i used to make the final version above (it's in my Scraps):

                                        Fairy Gate in Bloom 01 WIP by KittenDiotima 

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aliamelody Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
I love it
hermafrodite Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
i like the colors
KittenDiotima Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016   Artist
Thanx :)
marita-renee-rain Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016   General Artist
Beautiful work, Kitten! I believe Nature is teeming with spirits and this piece honors that.
KittenDiotima Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016   Artist
Thank you so much - that means a lot to me :) rainbow 
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